I love you more than I did before

Love, such a complex word. We really cannot predict love. When will it happen and what will happen if it happens. I found a letter which I wrote more than a year ago. Inspired by my special someone. The letter says a lot about my confused feelings and uncertain heart towards him. It says a lot about me being shaken by our relationship. It says that I love him but something wasn’t right. It says that I want him but something was missing. At least on my point of view. I’m pretty certain that what I wrote back then were the real contents of my heart. Those were real. But that was my heart. My old stupid heart. And now, I’m writing this for him, again, with my brand new heart. A heart that loves him even more. A heart that is more mature and stronger. I never regret writing that letter. Because it made me realized how my life becomes better and lovelier with him being with me. That I cannot imagine my days without having a glimpse of his smile. That letter made me think of what would I be doing right now without him by my side. Love sure does move in mysterious ways. I have no idea why and how it happened. It just did. 

♐ xo


3 thoughts on “I love you more than I did before

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  1. I love this. I wrote a letter for my love too sometime ago, then though he was just my bestfriend deep in the friend zone lol, fast forward today we are engaged to be married 🙂 Its always great to look back, it helps you to look forward

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    1. Aww. That’s beautiful. You’re right. The past will always take part in where we are right now. Congratulations to you both. And thank you for reading my post. Its my first so I’m really happy. Thank you. 🙂

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  2. Lovely letter…. Yes when anyone reads a write-up like that, sure they will recall their own letters..back then. Yes I have a whole bundle of them and time to time I read it, again and again. You will go back ages.. unfortunately the new generation would dearly miss it as one button “delete” erases them forever!

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